Kind Words

Pam Berehulke is an amazing editor. Her feedback on a story is always spot-on. She does much more than provide feedback, though; she actually contributes to the stories she works on. What she does is work magic, except it’s not magic. It’s all the talent and hard work she pours in. Pam adds layers to stories, making them complex, emotional, and deep.

I may recognize problems in my books—parts being slower-paced, for instance—but I’m often at a loss for how to fix them. When books come back from her, not only are the rough patches smoothed out, but the entire story is enhanced. I’ve learned so much from Pam, and am so very grateful to be a client.
— Allyson Simonian, author of The Danger Series
I discovered Pam by chance, and I’ve been giving thanks for that remarkable bit of serendipity ever since. Pam is meticulous, knowledgeable, obsessive, supportive, and kind. In short, a delight to work with. Going over her editing suggestions is like taking an advanced course in grammar and punctuation. With each book, I’ve found working with her is honing and improving my own skills, but I would still never want to fly solo!
— Ann Warner, author of Memory Lessons
Pam and I have been together for years. She’s friendly, fast, and professional—and a joy to work with. I can’t say enough about her editing knowledge and creative plot development. Believe me, she leaves no stone unturned and digs deep into your story. She is my last line of defense before my book finds its way into a reader’s hands. She takes away my pre-launch jitters.
— Caroline Fyffe, USA TODAY Best-selling Author
Pam is an adept and thorough editor. No question about that. She’s the editing equivalent of a scratch golfer. But she doesn’t stop there. She’s also a cheerleader, a gracious and patient teacher, and someone I can trust, without reservation, to take the very best care of each word I write. Simply put, Pam is the best!
— Debra Doxer, author of The Play of Light
Pam’s editing changed my life. That might sound cheesy and overdramatic, but it’s the truth. She has made me a better writer, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. Always professional, she’s smart, gives great feedback, and is truly invested in helping her writers grow. Pam is as hands-on as they come, and once you use her, you’ll never be the same. :)
— J. Sterling, author of The Perfect Game
I was extremely fortunate to have had Pam’s help with my first novel. When I first decided to enter the world of self-publishing, I was an absolute newbie. It was a steep learning curve, but Pam was with me every step of the way—always kind, understanding, and rooting for me to write the best story I could tell. I have many more to write, and I look forward to Pam being there to help make them perfect.
— John Anthony, author of The Journey of Joseph Winter
Pam was recommended to me by a friend, and I’ll always be grateful to that friend. Not only is Pam exceptionally thorough, but her turnaround time is very quick because she focuses on only one book at a time. I love knowing that my story is getting that type of attention from her. Since I’m an Australian writer, she advises me on any Australianisms I use that Americans might not understand, which is important. She’s also kind, understanding, and caring—can’t be beat.
— Juli Townsend, author of Absent Children
Not only is Pam a tremendous editor, but she’s also a trusted partner in my publishing journey. After having worked with over a dozen editors, I can honestly say her level of skill, attention to detail, and professionalism are top notch. She’s an absolute gem!
— Kendall Ryan, NY TIMES Best-selling Author
Pam is an extraordinarily kind, patient, and talented editor. I want to tell every author about her, but also want to hide her away because I want to keep her all to myself. That’s how amazing she is.
— Michelle Warren, author of The Miami Hush Club
Working with Pam is the absolute best! Knowledgeable beyond belief, Pam has guided me through my editing with a special ease & kindness. She definitely sets the bar higher.
— Rachel Blaufeld, author of Vérité