These services are available in addition to either service level. Some are priced per word, some are priced on a percentage, others are a flat fee. Rates are accessible by clients only through the Client Portal. The services listed below are not stand-alone.

Americanization – This add-on extra to any of the above services is for international English-speaking writers (i.e. British, Australian, South African, etc.) who would like their regional word and phrase choices pointed out and converted to their American equivalents. This service normally takes a good bit longer to perform than a simple proofread or copy edit, so an add-on charge is necessary.

Interactive Glossary – This option is for writers who include numerous foreign words and phrases within their dialogue or narrative that might be confusing for readers (especially helpful for science fiction or fantasy writers who enjoy making up their own languages). The first instance of each foreign word or phrase would be clearly marked in the manuscript, then connected via hyperlink to its definition in the glossary. A reverse hyperlink in the glossary would return the reader to the point in the story where they left off.

Work-In Service (as my schedule allows) – Since my schedule continues to be booked out for two to three years, occasionally a client might ask that their manuscript be "worked in." If my schedule isn't too demanding, I may be able to accept a manuscript on a work-in basis with the understanding that additional time will be needed to complete the project (usually three to four weeks).

Rush Service (as my schedule allows) – On the rare occasion that a client needs a manuscript edited right away, but has not booked the time in advance, I may be able to accept the manuscript on a "rush" basis. The rush fee will also be necessary if a manuscript has been booked in advance, but the client needs the manuscript completed in a much shorter time frame than the normal turnaround time.