Content/Developmental Editing

Content/developmental editing can be different depending your manuscript. For some it may involve substantial rewriting or restructuring of sentences; for others it may focus on improving plot and/or characterization.

In either event, it includes all of the proofreading and copy editing functions, and addresses the below questions as needed:

  • Plot development – Do you actually have a plot? Does it follow a natural path and have a satisfying conclusion? Do you leave any plot threads dangling?
  • Character development – Is your main character interesting and believable? Does he/she grow through the story?
  • Balance – Is there a good balance of dialogue, narrative, action, introspection, and back story?
  • Tension – Do you ramp up the tension, or does your plot drag?
  • Pacing – Is your writing tight? Do you slow the pace down with too much back story?

Although it doesn't happen often, if I feel major rewriting and/or restructuring needs to be done by you, I will perform copy editing on a significant portion of the manuscript to illustrate technical areas in which you can improve, and focus the majority of my efforts on larger issues that need to be addressed first. The balance of the copy editing will need to be addressed in a separate edit after your rewrites are completed.