Included Extras

Page one of Breaking Stars by J. Sterling. An example of the basic formatting performed for all manuscripts edited.

Page one of Breaking Stars by J. Sterling. An example of the basic formatting performed for all manuscripts edited.

Basic Formatting – Not all authors have the cost of a professional formatter in their budget, so I always apply basic formatting to every manuscript before the actual editing begins. If you plan to use a professional formatter, please let me know ahead of time and I'll omit the table of contents, saving it for your formatter to do. Once all editing is completed, you'll receive a final Word document with all changes accepted and all comments deleted to forward to your formatter. If you're not using a formatter, you'll receive these versions of the final: a version to upload to Amazon, another to upload to Smashwords, and an optional MOBI version you can use for ARCs. Unfortunately, I do not provide ePUB versions, so those clients who prefer to upload directly to iTunes and Barnes & Noble may want to hire a formatter.

Editing of Blurbs and Teasers – Since it drives me bonkers to see a client of mine release a blurb or teaser with a typo, I will edit at no charge one blurb and one teaser for every upcoming manuscript on my schedule. So even if I haven't worked on your manuscript yet, if it's on my schedule for editing, it qualifies. If the teaser is new text and not actually an excerpt from the manuscript, I reserve the right to limit the word count I'll do for free. And if for some reason you decide that you don't want me to edit the manuscript, yet I've already edited a blurb and/or teaser for it, I reserve the right to invoice you for my time spent, and my minimum charge will apply.

Edit Summary – Both levels of service include an Edit Summary that gives you an overview of the types of changes that were made (including the grammar rules that prompted many of them), suggestions for ways to improve your writing in the future, along with any other issues I might have noticed. This is in additional to any comments I might leave in the margins of the manuscript. As your skills improve, the Edit Summary will become shorter and shorter.

Character Sheet – Included with both levels of service is a listing of all the characters in the manuscript, detailing any physical/personality characteristics and biographical information that can be gleaned from the text. This is a wonderful reference for the writer who plans to continue their characters through a series and wants to ensure the accuracy of their continuity. If locations are a factor (such as buildings or towns), any information about them will also be listed as well. This breakdown will also help you easily see where you've drawn some characters quite well, while giving very little information about others.

TimelineIncluded with a Content/Developmental Edit is a scene-by-scene breakdown of the events of your story, arranged in a timeline as gleaned from your narrative. This helps ensure that if you say an incident happened two days ago but it was actually three, according to the timeline, we'll be able to catch those errors. It also notes whose point of view each scene is in, and other useful information for continuity purposes such as wardrobe changes or mentions of upcoming events at specific times.

Free Quick Recheck – Once you've gone over my edits and made any recommended changes, shoot your manuscript back to me for a quick recheck. I'll go over your tracked changes to ensure no stray typos were inadvertently added, then provide you with your final version(s), usually within twenty-four hours. This service is included at no charge unless significant changes are made post editing that might require a full reread. In that event, additional charges may be needed.